~Hamilton, D.O.N.T., or Brozel

Here are the meanings of the bids for three conventions used to overcall the enemy 1NT opener. Use the Rule of 8 to determine if the hand qualifies for the overcall.

Here are my thoughts on each system:
~Allows a penalty double (a plus)
~If the long suit is clubs, you must bid it at the three-level (a minus)
~To find out partner’s minor, bid 2NT; therefore, should have support for both minors to ask (a minus)
~No bid identifies more than 1 suit definitively except 2NT (a minus)
~Can find a major-suit fit at the 2-lvl

~Can play 2C (a plus)
~Can identify two type hands with a spade suit (double and bid spades or bid spades directly)–a plus
~Experts define what each way of getting to 2S means
~double and bidding 2S can mean a six-card suit while 2S can mean a 5-card suit, or
~Double first and then bid 2S can show a full opener while 2S can show a weaker hand

~Can play 2C (a plus)
~Can identify both suits when one suit is hearts (a plus)
~Can bid a 3-suited hand (a plus)

When 2NT has no meaning in the system, the partnership can assign that bid a meaning.

When either system shows one suit and an unknown higher suit, responder who does have a fit with the known suit (3 cards or two cards with a high honor) must bid the next higher suit regardless of the holding in that suit.
LHO bids 1NT & partner bids 2C (Brozel) showing clubs and a higher suit. With this hand, you must bid 2D
S AJ76
H KT765
D 43
C 76
Partner might have clubs and diamonds. You hope partner’s second suit is either hearts or spades.

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