~Competitive Bidding


OBAR BIDS: (Opponents Bid And Raise–Balance In Direct Seat): The opponent dealer opens at the 1-level and after partner passes, the RHO bids 2 of the same suit. Unless we have a trump stack, we will almost always earn a poor score if the opponents play there. The direct seat should balance with a good 5-card suit ( if the opponents win the auction, partner will probably lead the bid suit). Without a good 5-card suit, but reasonable values and at least two 4-card suits, double. 2S made earns the opponents 110 points, and the bid often makes 3. Playing at the 3-level down 1 doubled (unlikely, unless they have game) and if NV is a better score. What if the opponents are allowed to play 2 of a minor suit, making only 2? They earn +90. Down 1 NV (not doubled) at the 2-level is -50, a better score. If they can make 3, we could go down 1 doubled or 2 not doubled and earn a better score.

Scrambling 2 NT: Used after the same sequence of bids except partner in direct seat doubles their 2-bid and responder has no clear choice of suits. He bids 2 NT and partner bids 3 of his lowest ranking 4-card suit.

Note that each of the above bids is initiated after partner has passed an opponent’s 1-level opener and opener’s partner has bid 2 of the same suit. There is probably nothing we can do if opener is loaded–they will continue to game. If instead they double, it should be a good sacrifice on the majority of hands, if we aren’t vulnerable and unable to find an 8-card fit (rare).


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