~Bridge Terms, Definitions, and Techniques

1. Finesse–when you hold a card combination such as AQ and there is no clue as to the location of the missing king, you may play a low card toward the AQ, and if the LHO does not play the K, you play the Q, hoping that LHO has that card. If LHO has the K, you will win both the Q and the A of that suit. This play is called a finesse. There is a 50% chance of success. Always look for a play that has the highest percentage for success.

2. Since there are 13 cards in each suit, when you and partner hold 7 cards in a suit, the opponents have 6. The odds favor a 4-2 split over a 3-3 split. There is about a 1/3 chance of  a 3-3 split.

3. When you and partner hold 8 cards in a suit, the opponents only have 5. The odds are 68% that the 5 missing cards will split 3-2.

4. Rule of Eleven–when an opponent leads what you believe is his fourth card from the top (the 4 with this holding–AJ742), subtract the number of the card led from 11 and that is the number of cards in the other three hands higher than the led card. Declarer, looking at his hand and the dummy, can determine how many cards higher than the card led are held by RHO.This is a popular lead against a NT contract and is often employed against a suit contract when there is no better lead available. 



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