~A Weak Two Bid

S KJ9863
H A74
D T65
C 9
West                                                                   East
S 54                                                                   S AT7
H QJT                                                                H 9653
D KQJ4                                                              D 72
C Q543                                                              C AK82
S Q2
H K82
D A983
C JT76
North should open 2S. The purpose of the Weak Two Bid is to make it more difficult for the opponents to find their fit. North has 8 losers–2 in spades, 2 in hearts, 3 in diamonds, and 1 in clubs–not vulnerable against non-vulnerable opponents, North can easily make an obstructive bid at the two-level with 6 cards in the suit and only 5 winners.

East and South are likely to pass; West has 11 HCP and only 7 losers, but no 5-card suit. A double is a possibility, but partner is likely to bid hearts, since a double by West would normally promise either 4-cards in the unbid major or 17+ points. If E-W find the club fit, the hand will likely yield 9-10 tricks. NS should win 8 tricks.

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