~Responses to 1NT Openers

Responses to 1NT Openers

Another useful convention after partner has opened 1NT or 2NT is called Jacoby Transfers. Here you have a major suit with 5+ cards and wish to have opener bid the suit so that the strong hand will be hidden if the contract is played in that suit.
          ~You bid 2D over 1NT to transfer partner to 2H.
          ~You bid 2H over 1NT to transfer partner to 2S.

After partner has followed orders and made the transfer bid, you have a variety of possible actions depending on the strength of your hand and the number of cards you have in the transfer suit.
          ~With 0-7 HCP, pass
          ~With 8-9 HCP, bid 2NT with 5 cards in the transfer suit and 3 of the transfer suit with 6+ cards in the suit.
          ~With 10+ HCP and 5 cards in the transfer suit, bid 3NT.
          ~With 10+ points and a 6-card suit, bid 4 of the transfer suit.

Examples: Partner has opened 1NT. What is your bid with each of the following hands?
1.           2.             3.             4.  
S JT765   S T987      S T987       S 43 
H AK5      H AQ65     H Q654      H QJT765
D 76        D A32        D A32        D A3
C T82      C 32          C 32          C J43  

#1. Bid 2H to transfer opener to 2S; then bid 2NT to invite game.
#2. Bid 2C to show 8+ HCP and one or more 4-card majors. If opener shows a 4-card major, bid game in that suit. If opener denies a 4-card major by bidding 2D, jump to 3NT.
#3. Pass with less than 8 HCP and no 50-card major or 6-card minor.
#4. Bid 2D to transfer opener to 2H. Then, with 8 HCP and a 6-card suit, invite game and show the 6-card major by bidding 3H.

The principle of bidding game or inviting game is this: If your HCP added to the minimum partner has shown equals 23-24, make an invitational bid; if that number totals 25+, make a game bid; if the total is 33+, make a slam bid.

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