~Conventional Wisdom

Here is another wealth of information from ACBL and useful to both Standard American and Two-Over-One players. This article will show you how to complete each entry of your convention card and will explain the various meanings of each bid so that you can choose the right entry for your card. To access this information, go to http://www.acbl.org/play/conventionwisdom.html.

Part 1: General Approach(08/04)
Part 2: Notrump Opening Bids
Part 3: Notrump Opening Bids (continued)
Part 4: Notrump Opening Bids (conclusion)
Part 5: Major Opening

Part 6: Major Opening (conclusion) (01/05)
Part 7: Minor Opening
Part 8: Minor Opening (conclusion)
Part 9: Two-level Openings
Part 10: Other Conventional Calls
Part 11: Special Doubles
Part 12: Special Doubles (conclusion)
Part 13: Simple Overcalls
Part 14: Jump Overcall
Part 15: Direct Cuebids
Part 16: Slam Conventions
Part 17: Notrump Overcalls

Part 18: Defense versus 1NT Opening (01/06)
Part 19: Over Opponent’s Takeout Double
Part 20: Over Opponent’s Takeout Double (continued)
Part 21: Penalty
Part 22: Leads
Part 23: Defensive Carding
Part 24: Summary

Some of these definitions, examples, and procedures have not been updated in many years. If you want to ensure the information provided is current, ask your bridge instructor.

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