Meckwell Over the Opponents’ 1NT


Dbl–1-suited minor or both majors. Partner responds 2C.
2C–Clubs + a major.
2D–Diamonds + a major.
2H/2S–A natural 1-suiter in the major suit bid.
2NT–Both minors.

Comments: There will be occasions when responder is weak with 3-card support for the promised minor suit and three cards in only one of the majors. 2D will be passed, and an 8-card fit in the major will be missed. Although you have missed your best contract, you have still interfered with the enemy bidding. The results will likely still be positive for your side.


20 Responses to “Meckwell Over the Opponents’ 1NT”

  1. Irwin Klugler Says:

    In Meckwell, how do you ask your partner to pick his better major
    based on his double of 1NT.

    • bridgetips Says:

      Since your double shows either a long minor or both majors, partner must respond 2C. If you have a long club suit, you pass; if you have a long diamond suit, you bid 2D over the 2C bid. If you hold both majors, you bid 2H over the 2C bid, and partner may select hearts or spades.

  2. John King Says:

    If the doubler bids 2H, he/she may have a long heart suit and be short in spaces.

    • bridgetips Says:

      No. The double means, “I have either a long minor, or I am two-suited in the majors.” ~If responder bids 2C and doubler is long in clubs, he passes. ~If responder bids 2C and doubler is long in diamonds, he corrects 2C to 2D. ~If responder bids 2C and doubler has the majors, he bids the cheaper major (hearts) and responder, knowing doubler has both majors, can pass hearts or select spades depending on which major he prefers.

      It is possible for responder to invite game in one of the majors after the 2H bid, but that is a more advanced nuance to Meckwell.

    • bridgetips Says:

      If RHO has opened with 1NT, the next bidder doubles with either a long minor or both majors. With a long heart suit (good 5 or 6), that bidder would bid 2H. Partner of the doubler must bid 2C. The doubler may pass with clubs, bid 2D with a long diamond suit, or bid 2H asking partner to pick a major.

  3. John King Says:

    So, if the doubler rebids hearts, he/she is guaranteeing both majors?

    • bridgetips Says:

      NO. When doubler doubles, the bid says, “I may have a long club suit—-or a long diamond suit—or both hearts and spades. If your RHO passes, bid 2C. If I have clubs, I will pass; if I have long diamonds, I will bid 2D—but if I really doubled because I have both hearts and spades, over your 2C bid, I will bid 2H and you can pick hearts or spades, knowing I have both.”

    • Paul Says:

      Actually, YES. If the doubler rebids hearts, then s/he is guaranteeing both majors.

      As in “When the doubler doubles, the bid says, ‘

      • bridgetips Says:

        I can’t explain it any clearer. Maybe you should try another online paper. Google Meckwell.

    • bridgetips Says:

      Yes, assuming the doubler’s partner has been 2C and the bid is back to the original doubler

  4. John Gauss Says:

    When showing a two suited hand in any of the two suited bids, can the distribution be 5-4 (4-5) or must it be 5-5 or better?

    • bridgetips Says:

      Usually 5-5 or better, but if not vulnerable, or with extra HCP, or if the 4-card suit is very good, 5-4 is OK. Also, it is preferable that the 4-card suit can be bid at the two-level.

  5. A. JUDGE Says:

    +500 ! Auction 1NT > (DBL Meckwell) > P > ( 2533, 11 pts. , PASS.
    Gave a trick away on the lead , still a Top !
    Must say I like getting in ! A. JUDGE

  6. Tom Kaufman Says:

    rho opens 1 nt and you have a 16 pt nt ,what is your bid?

  7. randi Says:

    Is meckwell appropriate if partner opens a minor and RHO overcalls 1NT? (In this particular case I had 5-5 in majors and 12 HCP). Thanks

  8. Edwin M Gunn Says:

    If opener’s responder bids, what advancer’s bid options?

  9. Lois Bloom Says:

    What is the best defense by the 1NT Opener and partner after opponents invoke Meckwell?

  10. Sharon Weisenauer Says:

    Partner bids 2D over a 1NT opponent showing long diamonds and a major, as Intervener with ONLY hearts, how do you bid?
    In the convention format, the response of 2 hearts shows both majors.

  11. R Paul Urbanick Says:

    Partner bid 2 diamonds over 1 NT. My shape is 2-5-2-4. My Heart holdings are AK 9xx. I bid 2 H?? She bids 2 S and goes down three with a 4 card Spade suit. Partner thinks I should not bid 2 Hearts. What do you think?

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