~2/1 General Guidelines

1. 5-card majors in all seats at all times as an opening bid.
2. A 2-lvl bid in a lower-ranking suit after a major-suit opening is forcing to game.
3. 1NT by an un-passed hand over a major suit opener is forcing one round.
4. Limit major-suit raises with 11-12 points and 4-card trump support.
5. Jacoby 2NT (13+ points with 4-card trump support, no biddable 5-card side suit, and no splinter.
6. Splinter bids over major suit openers.
7. Weak jump shifts at all times.
8. Ignore a double after partner’s opener. Not part of 2/1–just technique.*
9. Constructive single major-suit raise with 8-10 points and 3-4 trumps.
10. System is OFF when major-suit opener is overcalled.**
11. 2C over 1D is a one-round force showing 11+ HCP. ***
12. Opening major-suit bids in first or second position require 12+ HCP or must meet the Rule of Twenty.
13. Pearson Points or Casino Count may be used to open in third or fourth position if the number of spades (4 minimum) plus the number of HCP equals 15 or more. Also known as the Rule of Fifteen.
14. Count points for length over 4 cards in a suit. Do not count points for shortness except after a fit has been found.
15. Give honor cards more value when combined with other honor cards.
16. Do not open 1NT holding a 5-card major unless also holding 3+ cards in the other major. In addition, do not open 1NT holding a strong 5-card major at any time. Note: some experts, particularly Bergen, advocate opening all 15-17 HCP hands with a 5-card major with 1NT unless holding a splinter.
17. A hand that does not qualify as an opening hand does not qualify as a 2/1 game force when held by responder.*This is a recommended procedure. Some 2/1 players bid Jordan 2NT.
**A system of weak, intermediate, and strong bids are recommended.
***Recommend using the same procedures as with Inverted Minors to explore for a 3NT contract. Rationale: there is no 8-card major-suit fit and the best suit in each hand is a minor. There should be a structured method of checking for major-suit stoppers before bypassing 3NT.

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