~Rule of 7, 9, and 11 (Two-Suited Takeout Bids)

Use this “rule” to determine when to make a two-suited takeout bid; the takeout bidder promises the following number of “working points:”
~Favorable vulnerability: 7
~Equal vulnerability: 9
~Unfavorable vulnerability: 11

“Working points” are the HCP in your two long suits plus the HCP associated with side-suit aces and guarded kings. Side-suit Qs and Js are ignored unless supported.

RHO opens 1H. You hold
H 5
Do not bid 2H at unfavorable vulnerability–K and Q of diamonds are not both “working.” Otherwise, you are safe to compete.

2 Responses to “~Rule of 7, 9, and 11 (Two-Suited Takeout Bids)”

  1. Ciro Says:

    Please could you explain better and with some more examples this rule ??
    thank you

  2. Bill Butler Says:

    At favorable or equal vulnerability, you have the requisite working HCP (up to 9) for a 2H bid (Michaels convention). Since the KQ doubleton in diamonds are not both “working,” you do not have the requisite 11 working HCP for a bid under this rule. These two honors are not both working because there is no way both cards will catch tricks; one of them will lose to the A of diamonds.

    This “rule” is somewhat conservative; many players who I know will bid 2H despite the diamond holding. However, the opponents will lead hearts and persevere in that suit. Even with a 3-2 trump split, you will run out of trumps before you can get the other long suit set up and will have no trumps left to prevent likely losers in hearts, clubs, and diamonds unless partner has very good support in at least two of those suits.

    You have to set some standards for overcalls, cue bids, and doubles. These “rules attempt to establish reasonable standards for the 2H cue bid. Deviate at your own risk!

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