~Cue-Bid Limit Raise (or better) #1

A method of responding to partner’s overcall which uses a cue-bid in the enemy suit to show a limit raise (or better) of partner’s suit.




2D–cue-bid limit raise; shows a limit raise or better in partner’s suit. Partner may overcall with as few as 8 points. The 2D bid describes responder’s hand without getting the contract too high.

When partner’s opening bid has been overcalled, more opportunities exist because you know partner has at least a minimum opener:
Partner Opp You
1S 2D 2S/3S/3D/4D
~2S should show minimum support for spades–not a lot of values and only 2-3 trumps.
~3S should show either 3-card support with about 8-10 points or 4-card support, depending upon your methods. Partner should pass unless holding extra values or the shape to compete with good vulnerability. This bid can alternately be played as showing a preemptive-type hand with 4-card or better support.
~3D is a limit raise or better with good trump support.
~4D shows slam interest in slam if partner has extras. Partner bids 4S to reject the slam try. Any other bid is a slam try.


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