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A glossary of bridge terms may be found at http://www.bridgeworld.com.

Two books I recommend you buy:
~How to Play a Bridge Hand, by William S. Root
~How to Defend a Bridge Hand, by William S. Root

I recommend you join the ACBL. Their bridge magazine is worth more than the membership fee. If you are interested, I’ll get the application. You may also join online at acbl.org.

I have about 200 bridge articles on my computer. Ask and ye shall receive: billbutlerbridge@gmail.com or billbutler1@cox.net

–or print them on your printer. Access the articles at bridgedepot.net. There are also a series of Beginner lesson plans and 2/1 articles.

My cellular #: 760-703-5101

4 Responses to “~Bridge Weblog”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Can you help me with a question? If partner opens one club opponent overcalls with one spade. For me to respond to my parnter in two hearts do I have to have five hearts because of the overcall. Thank you for you help if you can give it to me. Sandy

    • bridgetips Says:

      A valuable convention called the Negative Double allows you to double to show a 4-card heart suit; therefore bidding 2H shows a 5-card heart suit.

  2. Joy Says:

    Reading that the 2H response shows a 5-card suit. It should also be supported by 10 or more HCP or total points?

  3. Bill Butler Says:

    10 HCP would be nice, but responder should also consider other aspects of the hand including values in partner’s bid suit and shortness or well placed honors in the opponent’s bid suit.

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