~Jacoby 2NT # 1


H A4
D 4
C QT876

West (D)
S T98
D AJ87
C J9

S K432
H K76
D 653

S 5
H 9853
C 432
Bidding Commentary: North opens 1S and South jumps to 2NT (Jacoby 2NT convention). The bidding (E-W pass throughout)
N 1S, S 2NT; N 3D, S 4C; N 4H, S 4NT; N 5S, S 6S All Pass

The 3D bid showed a splinter; with no values wasted, South wants to explore slam and bids his cheapest A, 4C. North could bid 4NT at that time, but proceeds slowly by showing the heart ace. South asks for keycards (1430) and North shows 2 keycards plus the trump Q. South bids 6S.
Lead and Defense Commentary: The lead of the splinter suit is often a good lead and may the last chance to capture the A of that suit. Here, East leads a diamond, and that is the last trick for the defense.
Play Commentary: With a 3-1 or 2-2 trump split and a 3-2 club split, the play presents no problem. With only 26 HCP in the N-S hands, the slam is both biddable and cannot be set except with bad splits. With 26-27 HCP and a splinter facing 3+ cards with no wasted values, the odds are very good on making the slam with two minimum openers opposite each other.


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