~RKC Blackwood–Who Has the Trump Queen?


The ability to show the K and Q of trumps under ideal situations has made RKC a popular bidding tool; however, when the responder has 0-3 or 1-4 keycards, the queen of trumps cannot be shown with a single bid. Here is a means of still showing the queen if the trump suit is a major. Suppose partner bids 4NT knowing from your previous bids that you have a strong hand in support of spades. The bidding goes

Opener                             You
1S                                     2NT
3S                                     4NT
5C*                                    5D**
5H/5S/6C/6D/6H***    5S/6S/7S/7NT****

*0 or 3 keycards (0314)/1 or 4 keycards (1430)
 ** This bid below the trump suit shows interest in 6+ if you have the queen of spades.
*** Opener bids five of the agreed trump suit without the queen of trumps and the suit with his lowest ranking king with the trump queen or 5NT with no extra kings.
****You name the final contract.
Note that if the trump suit had been hearts and opener had the trump queen, he would have bid 5S (holding the spade king). Since you can no longer stop at 5H, you must not make the queen inquiry if any possible response would put you overboard.

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