As a Weak Two Bid, a 2D opener has little practical value. The low level and limited strength just doesn’t intimidate the opposition or cause them to guess as a high level. A more practice is use a 2D opener as Flannery, a convention that shows a hand with 11-15 HCP and 5 hearts, 4 spades, and 2-2 shape in the minors. Note that the original Flannery was designed to show the shape in the major suits but with any distribution. The Flannery version shown here is designed for use with the Two-Over-One system where bidding 3-card minor suits after responder has made a forcing bid is standard fare. Flannery can be a very useful bid because it narrows the point range of the opening bid and provides the hand shape–all in one bid. Note that with a weak 6-card heart suit and a strong 4-card spade suit, Flannery may also be used.

Responses to the 2D opener
~2H: to play
~2S: to play
~2NT: to play
~3C: 6+ cards in the suit bid, no major-suit fit, and no aspirations for game.
~3D: recommend use as a game force or slam invite in a major suit. Responder shows enough points to play at four of a major opposite a minimum opener.
~3H: a game invite in hearts.
~3S: a game invite in spades.
~3NT: to play
~4H: to play
~4S: to play
After responder bids 3D 
~Opener must continue to game, but in hearts or spades? To determine responder’s major, opener bids 3H over 3D.
    ~If hearts is his suit and he wants to play in 4H or more, responder bids 4H. Opener will make a slam try if at the top of his opener.
    ~If spades is his suit, responder may bid 3S or 4S (remember, the 3D bid enough a game or better), so each bid must be assigned a different meaning.
        ~3S (slow arrival) shows slam interest if opener holds a maximum for the 2D opener. Opener may bid 4S as a closeout.
        ~3NT Has already been rejected by responder as a final contract, so 3NT can now be used to insist on a slam try in spades, even if opener holds a minimum. Opener may cuebid with a maximum or something extra in values or bid 4S to show a minimum. Responder’s next action will speak for itself.
Game/slam try in a minor
~In rare cases, responder may hold a good hand and a long minor suit and wish to play in that minor. After the sequence 2D-3D, 3H responder bids the minor suit at the four -level. Opener will take the proper action to pass or bid.





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