~Transferring to 3C or 3D over Partner’s 1NT Opener

For the sake of simplicity and to preserve the 3C bid for other holdings, many bridge players use 2S to get to a final contract of 3C or 3D. The 1NT opener will always bid 3C after responder has bid 2S. If responder is holding 6+ clubs, he passes; if holding 6+ diamonds, he bids 3D and opener passes. To bid 2S over partner’s opening 1NT, responder will always hold 6+ cards in one of the minors and 0-7 HCP. With a stronger hand, responder bids either 2NT or 3NT.

This system gives up the opportunity for opener to be declarer when responder’s long minor is diamonds, but this “weakness” is accepted to preserve a 3C response for other purposes (See the paper on Four Suit Transfers).

One Response to “~Transferring to 3C or 3D over Partner’s 1NT Opener”

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