~Dutcher After Partner’s 1NT

DUTCHER is a system for showing invitational or forcing hands with 5-5 or better distribution in the majors after partner has opened 1NT (15-17 HCP). This system is found in some bridge books but the treatment is somewhat different from text to text and the system is often presented without a name.
~Responder bids 3H directly over 1NT to show the 5-5 shape in the majors with an invitational hand (about 6-7 HCP). Since we seldom open 1NT with two doubletons (maybe with AK and Ax), you already know that an 8-card fit exists in one of the majors. The hand will be played in 3H or 3S (rarely 3NT) if opener is at the bottom of his 1NT range.
~Bidding 3S shows the same distribution but a hand of 8+ HCP and is forcing to game or better. Occasionally, the final contract will be 3NT.

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