~Negative Doubles and Takeout Doubles


Negative Double
Partner opened                                               

The double is made by
the overcalling side.

Overcaller’s suit is doubled                       

6+ HCP are needed at the 1-lvl,               
more at higher levels

Emphasis is on the unbid major(s)         

You need not be short in the                    
opponent’s suit

A negative double followed by a bid      
in a new suit is weak (maximum 10 points).

Takeout Doubles

An opponent opened

The double is made by the overcalling side. Doubler promises to pass responder’s bid unless (1) responder jumps to show 10+ HCP or (2) doubler has a long, strong suit and extra values, something like 17+ HCP

Opener’s suit is doubled

8 HCP are needed to double at the 1-lvl at the 1-lvl, more at higher levels. With only 8 HCP, doubler should hold a balanced hand in the three unbid suits

All unbid suits are promised unless holding a self-sustaing suit and extra values, something like 17+ HCP

You must be short in the opponent’s suit unless the previous entry applies

A takeout double followed by a bid in a new suit is strong (17+)

Points needed for a Negative Double:              

level of Overcall/HCP Needed
One of a suit/6
Two of a Minor /8 
Two of a Major /9
Three of a Suit or Higher/10           

Negative doubles do not apply when the opponent’s overcall is in no-trump or is a two-level cue-bid (such as Michaels).

Suit Guarantees of a Negative Double

1C – (1D) – Dbl: shows both majors.
1 minor – (1 or 2 of a major) – Dbl: shows the unbid major only.
1 minor – 2 of the unbid minor – Dbl: shows only 1 major.
1 major – the other major – Dbl: shows 4-4 or better in the minors.
1 major – 2 of a minor – Dbl: shows the other major.

If partner has opened a minor suit and your Right Hand Opponent (RHO) has bid either major, a double shows only 4 cards in the unbid major while the bid of that major shows a minimum of 5 cards in the major. Examples:

Partner     Opp 1     You     Opp 2
1C               1H            1S*
1C               1H            Dbl**
1C               1S             Dbl***
* shows 5+ spades
** shows only 4 spades
*** shows 4 hearts


One Response to “~Negative Doubles and Takeout Doubles”

  1. Jim Icard Says:

    In the second line of Takeout double I believe
    ‘responder’ is incorrect and should be ‘advancer’

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