~Texas Transfers

This transfer system in response to a 1NT opener by partner is similar to Jacoby Transfers in that the transfer is made into a major suit. The primary difference is that the transfer bid of diamonds to transfer to hearts and hearts to transfer to spades is made at the 4-level.
1NT-4D transfers to 4H
1NT-4H transfers to 4S

The bid at the 4-level announces a 6-card suit (or better) and enough points for partner to play at game but denies any interest in slam. The bids have the added advantage of getting to game quickly, before LHO can make a defensive bid, either to try and steal the bid or as a suit preference and lead indicator.

If responder has slam interest in either major, the transfer is made at the two-level (Jacoby Transfer) and responder then jumps to game in the appropriate major. Opener then can evaluate the opening hand in terms of trump fit and strength. If at the upper end of the 1NT range with a good fit in the major, opener is encouraged to bid slam or to make a slam try by bidding 4NT.

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