~Some Bridge Publications


1. How To Play A Bridge Hand, William S. Root
2. How to Defend A Bridge Hand, William S. Root
3. Modern Bridge Conventions, William S. Root
3. Bridge, Edited by Glorya Hale and Nancy Starr
4. Winning Contract Bridge, Edgar Kaplan
5. ACBL Bridge Series, Commonly Used Conventions, Audrey Grant
6. Anything by Eddie Kantar
7. Anything by Mike Lawrence
8. Anything by Marty Bergen
10. Books by Mike Lawrence or Max Hardy on Two-Over-One Bidding. A good text is Hardy’s Standard Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century.

Recommend that only recent texts be used for bidding, as bidding techniques have changed in recent years with the advent of the Two-Over-One system. In addition, experts may disagree on how to bid certain holdings and conventions. You and partner should agree on which convention, technique, or interpretation to use with your basic system. Some examples are
1. Jump shifts: weak, strong, or weak in competition only?
2. Ignore the opponents’ double, redouble, or Jordan?
3. Splinters on 12+ points or 13+?
4. What does 2C over 1D mean?
5. What does 1 major-3 minor mean?
6. Blackwood, Roman Keycard 0314, or RKC 1430?
7. What does 1 major-3NT mean? 1 minor-3NT?


2 Responses to “~Some Bridge Publications”

  1. Bea martini Says:

    How to defend a bridge hand by William root where can I buy it. Thanh you

  2. bridgetips Says:

    Any book store can order it for you or you might get a cheaper copy from Amazon.com.

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