~Responding to Partner’s Weak Two Bid

                                        S J
                                        H QJT632
                                        D K32
                                        C Q84
West                                                                                    East
S A8642                                                                             S 9753
H 85                                                                                     H A7
D A974                                                                               D J85
C Q84                                                                                   C AT53
                                        S KQT
                                        H K94
                                        D QT6
                                        C K972

North should open 2H, a Weak Two Bid showing 5-11 HCP (inclusive) and a 6-card heart suit. An opening two-bid as a strong opener has not been played by the better bridge players since the mid-1960s due to its infrequency of occurrence. As a weak bid showing a long suit, the Weak Two Bid occurs much more frequently and has greater value as a preemptive bid, as it reduces the bidding room of the opposition.

The phrase, “preempting partner” has little validity if the partnership has a means of showing fits and strengths–or misfits.
~If there is a misfit in  partner’s suit–a singleton or a void, responder may bid his own long suit at the cheapest level to suggest a misfit and a weak or medium hand (no game interest).
~To show a misfit but a strong hand, responder may bid 2NT and then bid his own suit to invite game.
~Alternately, responder can jump in his own suit if the jump bid can be made at the three-level.
~With a strong hand and a major-suit fit of 2+ cards, responder can bid 2NT to ask opener for additional information. See the Rule of 17.
~With a strong hand and a minor-suit fit of 2+ diamonds, use the Rule of 20 to determine whether to pursue game.

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