~Hand #3


                                                        S 64
                                                       H AT32
                                                       D Q875
                                                       C AK4
West                                                                                       East
S QJT98                                                                                 S —
H K6                                                                                        H QJ98
D AJ63                                                                                   D KT94
C T5                                                                                        C QJ732

                                                    South (D)
                                                    S AK7532
                                                    H 754
                                                    D 2
                                                    C 986

Bidding Commentary: The bidding goes
South 2S All Pass

North-South reach a 2S contract in the South. South  opens the bidding with 2S. North does not have enough strength to raise the Weak Two Bid. North needs 15 HCP to go to game with only two trumps (Rule of 17).
Lead & Defense Commentary: The best lead is a trump because of the length and strength of the trump holding.
Play Commentary: When West shows out of trumps, South must determine how to make some of the small trumps good. South takes the first trick and leads a diamond to set up some diamond ruffs with the small trumps. South expects to take 2C, 1H, the A and K of trumps, and 3 small trumps from ruffing diamonds. As long as West has 3+ diamonds, South should take 8 tricks.

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