~A Dutcher Hand #1



S K85
H T4
D A42
C T9743

S AJT43 
H KQ763 
D Q9 
C 5

S 762
H 985
D 8653
C A86

East (D)
S Q9
D KJ97

  When responder to a 1NT opener has 5-5 shape or better in the majors and invitational values or better, there is a convention I call Dutcher which fits perfectly. In Dutcher, bid 3H over 1NT to show the 5-5 shape and an invitational hand and 3S with a forcing hand. Partner will bid 3NT only if he opened with two major-suit doubletons. In most cases, partner will bid four of his best major-suit fit.

If your partnership NEVER opens 1NT with two doubletons, Just transfer to 2S then jump to 4H. Opener will select the best major-suit fit.


What do you do with a really big hand with this shape (move one or both aces from N-S to West)? Answer—after partner bids 4H or 4S, bid 4NT as Blackwood or Roman Keycard.



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