~2/1: What Does 1C-2C Mean?

1. An “Inverted Minors” bid showing 5+ clubs, 10+ HCP,  denying a 4-card major, and initiating a show of stoppers up-the-line in search of a NT or  club contract.
2. Any suit bypassed by opener denies a stopper in that suit.
3. Opener bids 2NT with all side suits stopped and holding 13 or less HCP and jumps to 3NT with a like holding and 14+ HCP.
4. If opener bypasses an un-bid suit and responder then bids that suit at the 3-lvl, it shows a half-stopper in the suit and invites responder to bid 3NT if also holding a half-stopper in the suit.


After a 2C response with the above hand to a 1C opener, what would opener rebid with these hands?

S K7
H AQ76
C QT86

ANS: 3NT, showing stoppers in the unbid suits with 14+ HCP.

S 987
D 987

ANS: 2H, denying a diamond stopper but saying nothing about spade stoppers. 

C AQT987

Ans: 3C, denying stoppers in any of the side suits. With such a response, the opener will always be weak and the club suit will usually have 6+ clubs.

C AQT9876

Ans: 4C, a slam try in clubs using the Minorwood convention (Roman Keycard Gerber) as the keycard-asking mechanism. With the right responses, the final contract may be in notrump.


3 Responses to “~2/1: What Does 1C-2C Mean?”

  1. Len Wheat Says:

    Opener opens 1C with the following 20 HCP hand, which might or might be a short club opening (2 or 3 clubs):

    C = AKxx
    D = AQJx
    H = x
    S = AKxx

    LHO overcalls 1H
    Partner raises to 2C
    RHO passes

    What should opener rebid?

    • bridgetips Says:

      I take the 2C bid to show weak club support, possibly as weak as 4 HCP (up to about 8 HCP), with 4+ clubs. What does the 2C raise mean to you and partner?

      I would tabe a 3C bid (instead of 2C) as either long clubs with preemptive points or club support of about 8-10 HCP. I play different options with different partners. The strongest bd in support of clubs should be 2H–a cue bid showing limit raise point count or higher. My response would depend on my agreement with partner as to the meaning of the 2C bid.

      I would bid 3H over the 2C bid as the Western Cue Bid, asking partner to bid 3NT with a heart stopper, or to return to clubs..

  2. Len Wheat Says:

    Correction: the spade holding is AQxx

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