~Opening Weak Twos and Preempts

An Opening bid of 2H or 2S usually shows a six-card suit with at least two honors (vulnerable). 5-10 HCP, and less than two aces.  The bid also promises an outside ace or king.

~In fourth seat (after three passes) a bid of 2S may be made with only five spades and an opening hand (Rule of fifteen or Casino Count). The bidder is in the advantageous position of holding the boss suit when neither opponent has an opening hand. The opponent is unlikely to enter the bidding at the three-level on a suit or values deemed unworthy of an opening bid.

~A response of 2NT is the only forcing bid. A bid of a new suit is best used to indicate extreme shortness in partner’s long suit and a long suit on the bidder’s own. The bid is made to improve the fit, not to explore for game.

~To explore for game, bid 2NT. This bid asks for more information, either asking opener to show a feature–side suit holding maximum values and a king or ace in the side suit.

Rule of Two, Three, and Four
~a weak two-bid can be safely made with unfavorable vulnerability if the bidder has six tricks in his hand (will not go set more than one tricks even if partner holds a minimum).

~When both parties are vulnerable, the bidder promises five tricks in hand.
~When only the opponents are vulnerable, the weak two-bidder promises four tricks in hand.
~The logic behind these rules is that partner, even with a bust hand, will produce one trick and that the contract, even if doubled, will not be set for more points than the opponents would get making game.
          ~The bid is made with the expectation of being doubled.

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