~Another Weak Two Bid

Bidding Commentary: South opens 2S and West may overcall 3H. Whether on not West overcalls, North should further the preempt by raising spades. Since E-W are very likely to have a game in hearts, the question is how high should South bid to keep E-W quiet. The expert recommendation is that North jump to 4S when in equal or unfavorable vulnerability and to 5S with favorable vulnerability. E-W are likely to bid and make 4H and may make 5H.

S QT754
H 83
D K862
C J4
West                                                             East
S 9                                                                S K
H AJT92                                                        H KQ754
D JT54                                                          D A97
C A98                                                            C KQ73
S AJ8632
H 6
D Q3
C T652
Lead and Defense Commentary: West might lead the J of diamonds or the A of hearts.
Play Commentary: N-S should lose four tricks. Playing in 5H, E-W should lose two tricks by playing for split honors in diamonds (a 75% chance. West is likely to lead the heart A and to switch to a club, winning the first three tricks. E-W should pick up a diamond later.
It seems that a preemptive jump to 4S or 5S are good bids.

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