~Learn Bridge–Session 5

Bidding No-trump Hands:
Balanced hands do not lead themselves to making an opening bid in a suit. When opener holds 15-17 HCP, no 5-card major suit, and no singleton or void, the best opening bid is usually 1NT. Holding a balanced hand with 20-21 HCP, open 2NT. Any balanced hand containing more than 21 HCP, should be opened 2C.

Computer analysis shows that there is an advantage to having the stronger 1NT hand as declarer rather than the weaker hand. This advantage often is one trick when there is a weak hand (less than 7 HCP) opposite the strong (1NT) hand. Given this advantage when the 1NT opener is declarer, bridge experts have designed bidding systems to ensure that the 1NT opener is also the first member of the partnership to bid the suit that will become the trump suit if the hand is played in a suit contract. These bidding systems are called conventions; the basic conventions used for this purpose are known as Stayman, Jacoby Transfers, and Minor-suit Transfers.

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