~Learn Bridge–Session 6

Weak Two Bids and Preempts

In 1981, William S. Root and Richard Pavlicek published their classic book , “Modern Bridge Conventions.” In their introduction, they state that the book contains many of the bidding conventions that have revolutionized the game of bridge. One such convention is the Weak Two Bid. In their explation of the bid, they state that “the primary objective of the Strong artificial 2C opener is to allow the use of other two-level suit bids for different purposes. Strong two-bids do not occur often enough to waste four bids on them. Consequently, the popular treatment is to use an opening bid of 2D, 2H, or 2S as a weak two-bid.” The associated readings will explain how Weak Two Bids work.

Associated Readings:
~Weak Twos as Bid by the Experts
~Criteria for Weak Two Bids
~A Weak Two Bid
~Another Weak Two Bid
~Rule of 17
~Responding to Partner’s Weak Two Bid
~Preemptive Opening Bids
~Opening Weak Twos and Preempts

2 Responses to “~Learn Bridge–Session 6”

  1. elizabeth barron Says:

    In your books I have found not one example of an overcall of 1 no trump. Is it ever advisable to overcall one no-trump?

    • bridgetips Says:


      Over the enemy’s strong 1NT, overcall with one 6-card suit or two 5-card suits holding 6+ HCP and meeting the Rule of Eight.

      Rule of 8

      This is a system for deciding whether to bid over an opponent’s 1NT opener. The key to this system is distribution; overcaller should hold a 6-card or longer suit or two 5-card suits (rarely make a bid with 5-4 shape). Long suits in your hand create short suits that reduce the effectiveness of the enemy’s high cards.

      You determine whether or not to bid by adding the number of cards in your two longest suits and subtracting from that total the number of losers in your hand. If the resultant is two or more, bid if you also hold 6+ HCP.

      Determining Loser Count

      Count only missing As, Ks, and Qs. There are 12 possible losers, three per suit. However, there can be no more losers in a suit than the number of cards held in that suit. For instance, in this hand
      S A3
      H —
      D QJT876
      C KT987

      There is one spade loser (the 3),
      no heart losers (you will trump hearts),
      two diamond losers (the missing A & K),
      two club losers (the missing A & Q),
      (A total of 5 losers).

      There are 11 cards in clubs and diamonds, less 5 losers, for a resultant of 6. Since you have 6 or more HCP, you should make the bid that shows the appropriate two suited overcall. Some conventions that allow you to show a one-suited or two-suited hand are

      Meckwell Convention

      ~Double promises either a long minor or a two-suited hand in the majors.
      ~2C shows clubs and a major.
      ~2D shows diamonds and a major.
      ~2H shows that suit.
      ~2S shows that suit.
      ~2NT shows the minors.

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