~Weak Two Bid and Rule of 17

The Rule of 17

Here is a convention or system that is useful in deciding whether or not to pursue game or slam in partner’s suit after partner has opened a Weak 2 Hearts or 2 spades.
~Add your number of HCP to the number of cards you hold in partner’s suit (at least two).
~If your total equals or exceeds 17, you should explore for game or just bid game outright.

If your total is 17 or only slightly higher,  check to see if partner holds a feature–an outside A or K. If so, bid game. If not, game may be impractical. With at least a K extra (the count is 20 or more), bid 2NT to find out if partner is at the upper end of  his bid and has an A or K (a feature) in a side suit. Partner will show that holding by bidding three of that side suit; if the feature fits your hand,  bid 4NT as Roman Key Card for a slam try in opener’s suit. If partner just rebids his suit (denying either the feature or the strength), raise to game.

Partner’s Hand
S KJ8754
D T92
C 76

Your Hand
1. S Q3        H KQ98     D A63     C A432
2. S AQ32    H KQ98     D 63       C A32
3. S QT96     H KQJ9     D A63     C A4
4. S QT96     H KQJ92   D AK3     C A
1. With 15 HCP and 2 spades (total of 17), bid 2NT to ask for a feature, then pass 3S or bid 4S.
2. With 15 HCP and 4 spades (total of 19, bid 4S.
3. With 16 HCP and 4 spades (total of 20), bid 2NT. After partner bids 3H (showing the heart feature), bid 4NT (RKC). If RKC reveals enough keycards, bid 6S.
4. With 19 HCP and 4 spades, bid 2NT. After partner bids 3H, bid 4NT. Missing one control, stop at 6S.

Weak Two Bid
North (D)
S KJ9863
H A74
D T65
C 9

S 54
C Q543


H 9653
D 72
C 8762

S Q2
H K82
D A983
Bidding Commentary: North should open 2S. The purpose of the Weak Two Bid is to make it more difficult for the opponents to find their fit. North has 8 losers–2 in spades, 2 in hearts, 3 in diamonds, and 1 in clubs. Not vulnerable against non-vulnerable opponents, North can easily make an obstructive bid at the two-level with 6 cards in the suit and only 5 winners. South has a good hand and 2 spades. Using the Rule of 17, South reaches a number of 19 and bids 4S.
Lead and Defense Commentary: After East leads, declarer will immediately finesse a club to set up discards for diamond and heart losers.
Play Commentary: By leading clubs early for a finesse to set up discards. Alternately, declare can concede two diamond losers and a trump loser and discard a heart loser on the club K.

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