~Jump Shift Bids by Responder

All jump shifts by responder (1C-2H or 1H-3C) were once treated as strong and forcing to game or higher. In his Two-Over-One text, Standard Bridge Bidding for the Twenty-First Century, Max Hardy stated, “The methods used by today’s experienced players recognize that conservation of bidding space is important” and “Strong  jump overcalls are no longer standard.”
In his methods, the 2H jump shift over partner’s 1D opener would show about 3-5 HCP and a heart suit of 6+ cards. The bid would say to partner, “I am weak and cannot help you in this contract unless hearts are trumps.”

Since Mr. Hardy first published his 2/1 texts, other bridge professionals have advocated that jump shifts by responder be played as invitational, about 10-12 HCP and a good 5-card or 6-card suit. Other bridge professionals have retained the jump shift by responder as a game force.

When the opponents have no bid, weak jump shifts must be alerted. In competition, weak jump shifts are standard.

You and partner must pick your methodology for a jump shift by responder.

I like the preemptive quality of the Weak Jump Shift by responder. I can see specific hands where strong or invitational jump shifts keep the competition out of the bidding; however, the availability of other forcing bids (New Minor Forcing, Fourth Suit Forcing, Reverses, Cue-bid Limit Raises, Inverted Minors, etc.) lead me to play the jump shift as weak so as to limit the bidding space of the opponents).


4 Responses to “~Jump Shift Bids by Responder”

  1. Joseph Megel Says:

    What is the point count for a strong jump overcall?

  2. Sandy Says:

    The old Goren requirement is 19+ points but most players have abandoned this strength requirement.

  3. Bill Butler Says:

    Some players still play a strong shift by responder when not in competition but weak in competition. Most play weak jump shifts. At the 2-lvl, such as 1D-2H, the bid shows a 6-card suit with about 3-5 HCP, usually in the trump suit. The bid says, “partner, I do not have much except a long suit with some trick-taking capability. I cannot help you unless this suit is trumps.” When the jump is to the 3-lvl (1H-3D), you might hold 5-8 HCP (approximate), depending on suit makeup and vulnerability.

  4. CJRAD Says:

    Is it acceptable to jump shift strong to NT?

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