~Odd/Even Discards

Odd/Even Discards


Use this discard signal at your first opportunity to discard. The discard of an odd numbered card in a side suit would ask for a lead in that suit, but an even numbered card would discourage a lead in that suit and, based on the size of the card played (a high or low even card), signal the side suit you want led. For example, assume that declarer has started pulling trumps (spades) at trick two, and you are now out of trumps. Partner will expect your discard to indicate which suit you prefer led when partner wins a trick.

~If you want a heart lead, you can play an odd-numbered heart or a high, even-numbered club or diamond. The even-numbered card shows disinterest in that suit and the high numbered card shows interest in the higher of the two remaining suits.

~Likewise, a low, even-numbered club or a high even-numbered heart would request the lead of a diamond.

Use this odd/even discard procedure against a suit contract or a NT contract, but only at your first opportunity to discard. You will be able to signal for a long suit against a NT contract without wasting a card in that long suit. Against a suit contract, you will have more than one card available to signal with and will be able to choose the most worthless card in your hand for the signal.

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  1. Sheiila Kiefer Says:

    Thank you, Dana. I really appreciate your sending this to me.


  2. Carol todd Says:


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