~Leading a Trump to Prevent a Ruff in Dummy

The bidding has gone 1S-1NT, 3S-4S, all pass.

S AQJ765
H J932
C 3
West East
S 98 S T42
H 7654 H AKT8
D QT86 D 54
C A74 C QJT9
S K3
D J9732
C K7652

The only lead that has a good chance of defeating the 4S contract is a trump.
How can you reason this lead from the bidding?
How many points does North have? How many spades does he hold?
How many points does South have? How many spades does South hold?

If South held three spades and 8-10 points, the normal bid at round one would be 2S, not 1NT. Without 10 points, South is unlikely to bid game over 3S; therefore, expect South to hold not more than two spades. If South has a singleton or void, north can often win an extra trick by ruffing in dummy. Ruffing in declarer’s hand seldom creates an extra trick unless dummy holds a long suit that can be established for discards. The lead of a trump may prevent the ruff in dummy.

2 Responses to “~Leading a Trump to Prevent a Ruff in Dummy”

  1. faith sullo Says:

    why is ruff in dummy an extra trick but
    ruff in hand is not?

  2. Linda Says:

    Trumping in hand does not score an extra trick because that trump was always going to take a trick. Trumping in dummy is using a trump that would be wasted if trumps were led. The exception to this is dummy reversal where the dummy’s trumps are used to pull trumps and declarer’s trumps are used to trump a shortness in the hand.

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