2/1 provides the means to make game-forcing bids at a low level, leaving more room to show second suits, splinters, and controls below game level. The decison whether or not to make a slam try can often be made below game level. Related conventions help place the contract in the right strain. By making game-forcing bids at a low level, the partnership can often make a descriptive bid rather than a forcing bid at a higher level made just to keep the bidding open.

Many conventions exist which complement the 2/1 Bidding System. Each partnership that chooses to play the 2/1 system should choose from the numerous conventions available to develop their unique 2/1 Bidding System. Bridge professionals have endorsed several such conventions, to include: Constructive Raises, Jacoby 2NT, Splinter Bids, Inverted Minors, New Minor Forcing, and Fourth Suit Forcing.

3 Responses to “2/1 BRIDGE BIDDING SYSTEM”

  1. Carol Says:

    In 2/1 Partner opens 1H. I have 13 points and:

    2 Hearts, 6 spades,-headed by Ace King, 3 Diamonds, 2 Clubs,

    In 2/1 Do I say 2 Spades, or 1 spade?

  2. David Says:

    Hi Carol,
    One spade. Two spades is best left for use as a weak jump shift; a strong (Soloway) style jump shift, or as a space saving, Jacoby 2NT style bid, in my opinion.

  3. Bridge Bidding Says:

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    is awesome, keep up the good work!

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