~2/1: What does 1C-2D Mean?

If a player believes the premise of Inverted Minors that when an 8-card major-suit fit does not exist, the pair should show invitational points and ask partner to cooperate in the search for a no-trump contract. then 1C-2D should be played in the same manner. If unable to bid NT due to missing stoppers, the partners will retreat to their best minor. A Weak Two Bid/Weak Jump Shift to 2D is a bid of dubious value. Therefore 1C-2D should be played in one of the following manners:

1. A forcing invitational jump shift denying a 4-card major suit, showing about 10+ HCP, and initiating exploration for a 3NT contract in the Inverted Minors style. 

3. A hand of about 13-16 HCP without a 4-card major. The bidder has enough values to bid 3NT but has an unstopped major suit. Opener is requested to bid stoppers up the line in a 3NT try.

The expert preference appears to lean toward option 1.

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