~Weak Twos and Preemptive Bids

In their book , “Modern Bridge Conventions,” copyrighted in 1981, William S. Root and Richard Pavlicek state in their introduction that they have included in their book the best of the of the conventions that have revolutionized the game of bridge. Weak Two Bids are one of the conventions included in the book. The popular treatment of two-level openers (other than the strong opening bids of 2C and 2NT) is as a sort of mini-preemptive opening. The intent is to use one’s shape to interfere with the bidding of the opponents by making the opponents begin their bidding at the two-level or higher.

By extension, bridge players often take the concept of preempting the opponents to higher levels by opening weak hands with long suits at the 3, 4, 5, and, rarely, the 6 levels.

Bids of these types must consider point count, length of the suit, vulnerability, and seat position when considering opening at the two level or higher with a weak hand. he associated readings will attempt to explain bids of this nature.

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