~Hand #2

S T74
H AQ75
D QJ32
C 54

West (D)
S AQ53
H KT84
C A7632

S 98
H J9
D K976


S KJ62
H 632
D AT854
C 9

Bidding Commentary: The bidding goes
West              North                East             South
1C                   P                         1D                P
1H                  P                          1S                 P
3S                   P                          4S                All Pass
East-West reach a 4S contract with East as declarer.

Lead & Defense Commentary: The K of clubs is the standard lead; however, the contract cannot be made if South leads a trump or if a heart is led and North returns a trump.
Play Commentary: There are not enough winners to make the contract if trumps are played early. East must trump cards in the two long suits and make the contract via a crossruff.

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