~Opening Leads

Opening Leads

1. Partner’s bid suit
2. From the top of a sequence (AKQ, KQJ, QJT, JT9, etc.)
3. A long suit for lead against a suit contract (5+, 6 preferred) or NT
4. A singleton in a suit un-bid by the opponents against a suit contract.
5. A trump

Choose a lead from these hands after the opponents bidding has gone 1S-3S, 4S-P.
S 543
H 9
C K7543

S J3
D AK54
C 9865

S QT87
H 5
D K876

S 4
D K76
C Q8754

#1. The opponents are likely to have 9-10 spades; partner is unlikely to have any spade tricks.
~The lead of the heart 9 will give you a chance to trump a second round of hearts if partner has the heart ace or gets the lead on the second or third round.
~The Q of diamonds is a safe lead. It does not risk giving away a trick and could promote 2-3 quick tricks if dummy has the heart K and partner the heart ace.
~Without any other good, natural lead, the 5 of clubs (4th from a long suit) is a standard lead.
~If there is no other natural lead, the 3 of spades could result in a trick if dummy has the Q, partner the K, and declarer the A.
~Any lead from this heart holding is unwise unless partner has bid the suit.
~The lead of the A or K of diamonds is likely to take an immediate trick and allow you to see dummy‘s cards before making a second lead. Partner may signal that he has only two hearts by playing a high heart, in which case you can lead the other high diamond and then a third round of diamonds for partner to ruff.
~The club 9 will present a viable option if no better choice exists.
~It is unlikely that partner holds a spade. You may well catch two trump tricks if you do not lead a spade.
~The singleton heart may be an outstanding lead if partner has the A of hearts and another sure entry. You may catch 4 tricks before declarer wins a trick.
~A diamond lead is less attractive than the other non-trump suits.
~The Q of clubs is a safe lead and could be the setting lead; however the heart singleton has more immediate potential.
~Partner may have a natural spade trick if you do not lead the suit.
~The heart Q is an attractive, safe lead.
~A diamond has less appeal.
~The 5 of clubs would be a standard lead if no other good options existed.

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