~Asking for Aces After a 2NT Opener

C KJ98

S T93
H 975
D T94
C QT43 

S K76
H 862
D KQ762
C A2

S J842
H A43
D 853
C 765

North opens 2NT, showing 20-21 HCP and a balanced hand. South bids 4C (Gerber) to ask about aces for a possible slam. North shows 2 aces (4S) and South bids 6NT. Note that South can bid 5C over 4S to ask about kings because the partnership can stop at 5NT if the response to 5C is insufficient for slam.  Here, South bids the small slam based on HCP, realizing that the partnership holds 32-33 HCP. The 5-card diamond suit is a plus.

The play is easy. North leads a heart until the ace is driven out, then claims the contract.

2 Responses to “~Asking for Aces After a 2NT Opener”

  1. David Roth Says:

    South hand missing 2 cards, presumably including the Ace of Clubs to reach 12 hcp.

  2. Jane Krueger Says:

    Most of my partners no longer use Gerber. Now what!

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