~Major Suit Opening in 3rd Seat

Responses: Drury is used on invitational hands and is designed to allow the partnership to pass at the 2-level when third hand has a light opener. The bid shows at least three-card support and 11+ points (2/1), 10+ points (S/A) and says nothing about clubs. A jump to 3C shows 6+ clubs and 11+ points. There are three types of Drury:
~In normal Drury, opener will bid 2D to show a light opening bid and the bidding continues naturally.
~Reverse Drury: opener bids 2D to show a full opener, while any other bids shows a weak opener.
~Two-Way Drury: 2C shows three trumps and 2D shows 4 trumps. The disadvantage is that the natural bid of 2D is lost.

Some people play Drury even when a 1H bid is overcalled with 1S or doubled.

A Fourth-Seat Option

After 3 passes, may open 1S holding 3+ spades if the number of HCP and spades total 15 or greater (Pearson Points). Example
S ATxxx
H Kxx 10 HCP plus 5 spades = 15
D Qxx
C Jx

Another 3rd/4th Suit Option

Add HCP and the number of cards in the two longest suits; if the total is 20 or greater, open at the one-level. Rule of Twenty.


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