~Open 1C or 1D?

Deciding whether to open 1C or 1D with a bridge hand usually depends on several factors: the overall strength of the hand, the shape of the hand, and the relative length and strength of the suits. It is always good advice to consider the second bid before making the first and to make a bid or re-bid that resembles the card in the hand. With this minimum opener:
S 8
C T9832
Opening 1C with this hand presents a re-bid problem unless partner raises clubs or bids diamonds. The expected response by parner is 1S. Your hand is too weak to open 1C and to reverse to 2C (you need 17+ HCP for that sequence). In addition, if partner becomes the opening leader, you don’t really want a club lead. Open this hand at 1D and if partner responds 1S, re-bid 2C. Replace the club T with an ace, and a 1C opener followed by a forcing reverse to 2D after partner’s 1S bid would be warranted.

Move the honors from diamonds to clubs with the same shape
S 6
D Q864
and a 1C opener is sound. You are bidding your longest, strongest suit–a suit good enough to re-bid at the two-level if partner responds with a bid of 1S.

Change the cards a bit without changing the shape
S 6
D T8765
and many experts would opt for a 1H opener, even those who advocate five-card majors except in third seat. Over a 1S response by partner you have a convenient re-bid of 2D–or even 1NT, although a singleton honor in spades woud make a 1NT re-bid more appealing than does the small singleton.

One Response to “~Open 1C or 1D?”

  1. Trinity Too Says:

    Great site! I’m confused about how (in the second paragraph) opening 1C and then bidding 2C is a reverse. Do you mean 2D?

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