~Help Suit Game Try (HSGT)


After opener bids 1M and responder raises that suit to the two-level, opener may make one of several game tries:
~opener bids a new suit at the cheapest level (HSGT). Responder is requested to raise the trump suit to the four-level with help in the new suit bid by opener; without such help, responder should bid any other suit where good help exists if that suit can be bid below three of the trump suit. Opener will either bid three or four of the trump suit (see slam try below). Lacking a positive bid, responder will simply bid the trump suit at the three level. Note that the HSGT may be accepted with a singleton or void in the new suit of interest.
~partner bids three of the trump suit directly over responder’s raise to the two level to ask responder to raise to the four level with two or more of the top three trump honors or to pass if lacking that top-level trump support.
~Opener can bid 2NT over the raise to 2M to ask responder to bid 4M if at the top of his two-level raise. With less than 8 HCP, responder bids the trump suit at the three level.

These game tries may actually be slam tries if opener has a big hand and thinks slam is possible with the right cards in responder’s hand. Responder will be unaware that the supposedly game try is actually a slam try until opener bids past responder’s raise to 4M. That slam try will normally be 4NT, but could be any slam-try convention in the partnership’s inventory of bids.

Note: point counts stated are approximate; subsequent bids are also based on good judgment.

Some partnerships play the options slightly differently:
~a new suit is a HSGT but not a Short Suit Game Try (SSGT).
~2NT is a SSGT. Responder should bid a new suit below the trump suit at the three level to show a singleton or void in that suit and a good hand for the bid previously made.
~three of the trump suit by opener asks responder to bid game with “extras.” The partnership should define “extras,” but extra good trumps or extra HCP will usually be adequate for a raise to 4M.


One Response to “~Help Suit Game Try (HSGT)”

  1. mary brown Says:

    on Line 5 above in HSGT should the word ” Opener” should bid any other suit..etc ( Be RESPONDER ) should bid etc.

    ps love your site…

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