~Learn Bridge–Session 4

Bridge Experts determined many years ago that using all bids at the 2-level to show strong hands was a huge waste of bidding space. The modern style is t0 open all stong hands with either a 2C bid or a 2NT call. These bids are described as
~2C: shows either a balanced hand with 22+ HCP or an unbalanced hand with 8 1/2 Quick Tricks (or more).
~2NT: 20-21 HCP and a balanced hand.

The other 2-level bids are generally played as obstructive (preemptive) bids showing about 5-10 HCP and a 6-card suit. Such bids seek to disrupt the opponents’ bidding by forcing them to make their first call at the two or three level and by limiting the bids available for the opponents to find their fit. This session and Session 6 will further explore Strong Two Bids, Weak Two Bids, Preemptive bids, and responses thereto.

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