~Rule of 20/22


Rule of 20/22

Used to determine whether or not to open distributional hands; hands should normally be opened when the number of cards in your longest two suits plus your HCP equal 20 or greater. Some experts require that a Rule of Twenty hand also contain a minimum of 2 quick tricks: two aces, an A and K in the same suit, or an ace and two unguarded kings. This changes the Rule of Twenty to the Rule of Twenty-Two.

S KQ432
H 8
D 65
C KQ653

With this hand, applying the Rule of Twenty justifies a 1S opening bid. There are ten cards in spades and clubs and 10 HCP. Note also that while the typical minimum opener has seven losers, the hand above has only five losers. If  you require two quick tricks also, the two KQ combinations provide those.

Change the hand to
S AQ432
H 8
D 65
C AJ653

Note that the hand now has 11 HCP with two quick tricks, but the loser count has increased to six. Obviously, the application of the Rule of Twenty/Twenty-two requires good judgment for proper evaluation.


4 Responses to “~Rule of 20/22”

  1. Nanda Says:

    very clear explanations

  2. Katie Ogden Says:

    How do you calculate losers?

  3. bridgetips Says:

    Loser Count papers sent.

  4. Brij Says:

    Nice. I have a perplexing question: Does the Rule of 20/22 fit in with the 2/1 bidding? How?


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