~NBC Precision #2

Many top bridge professionals in the US play some form of Precision. All these Precision systems have been tweaked to meet the perceived bidding needs of the partcular partnerships. The NBC Precision system discussed below was developed by Tom Nolan, Bill Butler, and Ray Curtiss, hence the name.

Opening Bids With Hands of 17 or More HCP
HCP              Balanced hand with neither a 5-card spade
17                 suit nor a 5-card heart suit unless also
or                  holding 3 spades–bid 1NT.
7 1/2 QT

Responses to a 1C Opener
0-8          Negative–bid 1D.
                    ~Make a Weak Jump Shift in a major suit
with 0-4 HCP and a 6-card major
9+            5-card or longer suit–bid 1H/1S/2C/2D
~If 4-4-4-1 or 4-4-5-0 (no 5-card
major), jump to three of the short suit–bid 3C/3D/3H/3S
9-12         Balanced, no 5-card major–bid 1H/1NT*
*~Bid 1H with no reason to be declarer in a NT
13-16       Balanced, no 5-card suit–bid 2NT
17+          Balanced, no 5-card suit–bid 3NT
4-6           8-card suit, little or no outside strength–bid 4H/4S

Rebids by Opener After a 1D Response
17-19        Unbalanced or 17 balanced–bid 1H
18-19        Balanced–bid 1NT
20-21        Unless 3-suited–bid 1S
20-21        3-suited, no 5-card major–bid 3C/3D/3H/3S
22+           unbalanced–bid 2C
or                     ~Response to 2C is controls
8 1/2 QT
22-24        Balanced–bid 2NT
25+           Balanced–bid 3NT

 Balanced–bid 3NT

Rebids by Opener After a Positive Response
~A positive response is a game force. Bid to find the best fit or to explore for slam.
~Over 1NT, 2NT, or 3NT by responder, systems are ON.

Responder’s Bids After 1C-1D, 1H
~With less than 7 HCP, responder must bid at the one-level unless holding a 6-card minor suit. With a 6-card minor, responder can make a weak jump shift.
~With 7-8 HCP, responder makes an invitational bid as follows: 2C asks
opener to bid a 4-card major but does not promise a 4-card major in
responder’s hand (responder may have 5+ clubs).
~2D denies a 4-card major. Responder hold a diamond suit and may also hold a
club suit.
~2H shows 5+ hearts.
~2S shows 5+ spades.
~2NT denies any of the above.

Responder’s Bids after 1C-1D, 1S
~With 4-8 HCP, responder invites game as in the paragraph above.

Responder’s Bids after 1C-1D-1NT, 2NT, or 3NT
Systems are ON. Responder bids as appropriate for the level of the NT bid.

When the Opposition Overcalls
There are only two positive bids, double and a cue-bid, both forcing to game.
~Double: 9+ HCP and denies the ace in the opponent’s suit.
~Cue-bid: 9+ HCP and promises the ace in the opponent’s suit.
~A suit bid at the cheapest level shows 5-8 HCP and a suit of 5+ cards.
~A jump bid shows 6+ cards in the suit and game values if a fit exists.

Opening Bids With Less Than 17 HCP
Play 2/1, except
~1D shows 11-16 HCP, no 5-card major, and may be short in diamonds. Partner
announces, “could be short.”
~2C shows 11-16 HCP, no 5-card major, and a good 5-card or longer club suit.
Rarely will the 2C opener also hold a 4-card major.
~1NT shows 15-17 HCP (Vul) or 12-14 HCP (NV).
~On some hands of 12-16 HCP, opener may have to decide whether the most
descriptive bid is 1D, 1NT, or 2C.

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