~Criteria for Weak Two Bids

Criteria for Weak Two Bids

In first or second seat, weak two bids should be structured since partner has not yet passed. If partner has a good hand and support for your suit (See Rule of 17), you go not create a problem in the bidding for partner; but if partner has a good hand and a good suit (and little or no support for your suit), partner must be able to depend on your suit quality and strength. Your bid should consider your vulnerability and the vulnerability of the opponents when opting for a weak two bid. There are various “rules” established to help the bidder make good decisions regarding opening weak two bids. Rather than get too detailed, try this guidance.
~With unfavorable vulnerability, opener should be within two tricks of the bid in hand.
~When the vulnerability is equal, opener should be within three tricks of the bid in hand (8 losers, so 5 winners).
~With favorable vulnerability, the bidder can afford to be within four tricks of the bid in hand (9 losers, so 4 winners). Note that if the opponents cannot bid and make game in this situation, and double you, down two, doubled ,will be -300 points and will surely be a poor score. Bidder in this situation is taking the chance that if the opponents cannot make game, partner will have enough HCP to prevent a two-trick set–or that the double will be taken out by an opponent’s bid.

In third suit, partner and one opponent have already passed, so there is little danger of the bidding getting too high. The primary objective is too obstruct the opponents rather than to give partner a structured bid. Yet, a wise bidder will be aware of vulnerability. A poor score is still a poor score; there is no adjustment for being in third seat.

A weak two bid in third seat should be mad with the intention of going positive, since you could have passed out the hand without a minus score. The two bidder should have about 10-13 HCP with a good six or seven card suit. Since three people have already passed, the bidder assumes the three passed hands each hold about 1/3 of the missing points and that the points are split about evenly. Bidder expects to make the bid under those conditions and because of the long trump holding.

Examples of weak two bids:
1. S AQJ 432    H 54    D J7    C 754
A good weak two bid because of trump suit quality. Yet, the balanced nature of the other three suits is a negative as measured by the eight losers in the hand.
2. S T5    H KJ95432    D 54    C Q9
A good 2H opener despite the 7-card heart suit. Suit quality is not great and the hand has eight losers.
3. S KQT854    H 96    D QJ53    C 5
A classic weak two bid–good suit, reasonable second suit for possible tricks, and a splinter. Despite holding only 8 HCP, the hand has only six losers.
4. S 65    H A7    D AJT854    C 765
The eight losers and poor shape in the side suits are somewhat mitigated by the two aces. A weak two bid is fine except with unfavorable vulnerability. Even then, 2D is a bid when the dummy has two entries.

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