~Another 2C Opener (Playing Hand)

C KQ98

S JT98
H A75
D 5432
C T7

S K762
H 86
D KQ76

S 543
H 9432
D 98
C 6543

Bidding Commentary: North opens 2 C, showing either 22+ HCP or 8 ½+ Quick Tricks. Using a CONTROLS response, South shows four controls by bidding 3C. South could hold two aces or an ace and two kings. North will now begin the process to determine whether to play the contract in NT or a suit by bidding 3H; South counters with 3S. Holding a minimum 2C opener, North now bids 3NT—knowing that South will not pass with extra values. With 13 HCP added to North’s expected 22-24 HCP, South makes a slam try by bidding 4C; when North shows two aces, South bids 6NT. Note that South should not jump to 6NT directly over 3NT as a grand slam could be missed.  6NT is an easy contract.

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