Why Overcall?
~Bidding your cards to a good contract
~Making the opponents’ bidding more difficult
~Finding a suit and level for a small, productive sacrifice
~Helping with the opening lead

What values do you need for an overcall?
~Usually 8-16 HCP
~~Lower points for
~~~A 1-lvl overcall, NV, with a good suit
~~11+ HCP and a 6-card suit (or a very good 5-card suit) at the 2-lvl.
The honor cards should be grouped and the high cards should be
heavier on As and Ks than Qs and Js.

With 17+ HCP, it is often best to “double,” then bid your good suit or NT.

RHO opens 1H. This is a good hand for a 1S bid
S AK964
H K765
D J32
C 2
With less than a full opener, overcaller should hold a suit of 5+ cards containing at least 2 of the top 3 honors, an outside king (or QJx) in a suit unbid by the opponents, and a singleton or void.

RHO opens 1H. Overcall 1S with
S KQ976
H 432
C K975

With this hand
S KQ976
H 43
C K9753

A 1S overcall is acceptable, but a better bidding plan is often a convention that allows you to show both 5-card suits (Michaels or Top & Bottom).

Dangers of an overcall:
~The threat of a penalty double
~You may assist the opponent with the play by showing where high cards are located. It is unwise to overcall with suits containing split honors, such as KJ9542 or without one or more short suits.
~You may dissuade partner from a better, winning lead.

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