~Garage Stayman and Drop Dead Stayman


The Stayman Convention

The wide use of computers allow bridge enthusiasts to analyze thousands of bridge hands in the time that it once took to analyze just a few hands. This capability has added new bids to the expert bidding repertoire. Stayman is just about as perfect a bridge convention as exists; new methods have made the Stayman bid even more powerful.

We know that that with weak but shapely hands it is usually correct to transfer the notrump bidder into your long suit (5-card major, 6-card minor) and pass. The length will normally result in opener winning more tricks in the suit contract than would have resulted from passing 1NT.

Here are three new wrinkles. What do you bid with these three hands?
S J765 H T743 D T9876 C —

S QT32 H QT932 D 432 C 7

S QT32 H Q932 D 432 C 72

The correct bid using modern techniques with each hand is 2C:

a. An example of Garbage Stayman–you hold four or more cards in any suit that partner might bid over your 2C ask. You will pass any response by opener. With a club void (maybe a singleton), partner is likely to score better than at a 1NT contract.
b. Again, bid 2C. If partner responds 2D, bid your 5-card major and opener will pass. Outdated methods were to transfer to 2H with such a hand and then pass. The problem with such a bid is that you might miss a 4-4 fit in spades and play in your 5-2 fit in hearts. The recommended sequence was once played as invitational, showing 8-9 HCP; there was no method to get you to a 2S contract. Now, there are different bids available to weak, invitational, and forcing hands when you are 5-4 in the major suits.
c. Computer analysis shows that the 1NT opener will hold one 4-card major about 60% of the time. With this hand, bid 2C and pass any major-suit bid. If the 1NT opener denies a 4-card major by responding with 2D, bid 2H. Partner will pass unless holding only two hearts. With only two hearts, the 1NT opener will bid 2S, and you will play in your 7-card fit. Results should usually be better than playing at 1NT.


2 Responses to “~Garage Stayman and Drop Dead Stayman”

  1. bablair Says:

    does garbage stayman require an announcement or alert?

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