~Weak Twos as Bid by the Experts

Taken from Modern Bridge Conventions, authored by William S. Root and Richard Pavlicek.

About the authors:
William S. Root (deceased) held the rank of World Master. He won many national championships (including three Springolds, four Reisingers, and two Vanderbilts) and represented the United States in both the Olympiad and the Bermuda Bowl. He was regarded as one of the world’s outstanding bridge teachers and authored several books, including Standard Bidding, considered the bidding bible by his many friends and students.

Richard Pavlicek is a leading bridge teacher, writer, and editor. As a player, he has won four national championships and many regional championships. He has amassed over 8,000 master points, many times more than the 300 required for the rank of Life Master.

Since the original publication of this book, Root & Pavlicek as a partnership won three national championships using the conventions contained therein.

The book was endorsed by Oswald Jacoby, Alan Truscott, and Alfred Sheinwold. In addition, the Weak Two system as described in this book was developed by the late Howard Schenken, once voted by his peers as the greatest bridge player of all time. The following is taken from the book:
~Two of a suit opening shows 5-11 HCP and a reasonably good six-card suit. The hand should not contain an outside major suit of four or more cards. Not vulnerable, a suit as weak as QTxxxx might be opened; but if vulnerable, we recommend better texture, such as QT98xx. Now let’s look at some examples:

S KJT854
H 4                              Open 2S. A classic weak two-bid.
D A93
C 982

S 97
H KT7654                   Open 2H if not vulnerable, but pass if vulnerable.
D T2

S K3
H 92                            Open 2D. A maximum weak two-bid.
D AQJ985
C T93

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