~Puppet Stayman After a 2NT Opener

This system is used to explore for a 5-3 or 4-4 major-suit fit after opener’s 2NT bid. This 2NT bid should be made with 20-21 HCP with or without a 5-card major. With a 5-card major, the distribution should be 5-3-3-2.

With game-going points and 3-4 cards in a major, responder bids 3C. Opener re-bids as follows:
~Bids a 5-card major.
~Bids 3D with one or more 4-card majors.
~Otherwise bids 3NT.

After opener bids 3D, responder bids as follows:
~3S to show a 4-card heart suit.
~3H to show a 4-card spade suit.

2 Responses to “~Puppet Stayman After a 2NT Opener”

  1. fred quadros Says:

    can you use puppet stayman when opener bids 2 clubs and then bids 2 n t? Fred Q

  2. bill butler Says:

    There is no need to do so. Opener would not bid 2NT with a 5-card suit.

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