~Keycard Gerber/Minorwood

This system has been in use for many years as part of Inverted Minors (IM). AfterThe bids 1C-4C, 1D-4D, 4C has been a keycard asking bid.  IN competition, the bid of 4C or 4D is a previously bid suit should be played as Minorwood. In competition, thea raise to 4C or 4D in a previously bid suit should be competitive or invitational. Playing either RKC 0314 or RKC 1430, no keycard response puts you past 4NT (after 4C) or 5C (after 4D), so you have the option to make a closeout bid of 5C or 5D or to continue past those game bids (or a lower-level bid) to ask about kings. After 4C-any systemic response, I recommend that the king-asking bid be 5D and after 4D-any systemic response, that 5H ask about kings. Played in this manner, you can always retreat to 4NT or 5NT as a closeout bid without risking the low score that may be associated with a 5C or 5D contract.

 If you bid 4C, get a favorable response, and then bid 5D to ask about the number of kings I recommend this system
After any 5-lvl response, 5NT would be a closeout.
~A partnership might prefer to play “Specific Kings.”

If you bid 4D, get a favorable response, and then bid 5H to ask about the number of kings, I recommend this system
Do not ask for kings if any response will put you overboard.
~Again, “Specific Kings” is a bidding option.

If you prefer to ask about specific kings, I recommend after 5D (The starting asking bid was 4C)
~5H=the heart king
~5S=the spade king
~5NT=the diamond king
~Information about the club king would have been given at the first keycard request.

This will show any king not already shown without bypassing 5NT or 6C.

After 5H
~5S-the spade ace
~5NT=the heart ace
~6C=the club ace

Do not ask for specific kings if any response would put you past the best contract. That is, if you want to play at 5NT if partner has only the club ace, you may be forced to a 6D or 6NT contract. 

You and partner may be able to develop a better system; however, the system just discussed is easy to remember and will never put you overboard. Using the above method to ask for kings removes any misinterpretation of what 4C-4S, 5C means (closeout) or 4C-4S, 4NT (closeout).

Another method:
After 4C and a Minorwood response, the cheapest bid below 5C may be used to ask for kings
~Except that 4NT may be “to play.”
~If the response to 4C was 4NT (2 keycards plus the club Q), 5D could be used to ask for kings.



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